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  This is a set of 4 side markers (2 front 2 rear).

 Designed and built in house, these side markers differ from all others on the market in several different ways. Rather than individual LEDs (spots) these markers create a uniform beam across the marker. These markers will not burn out in spots like other markers do, meaning these will look better and last longer than others. Our markers also maintain working reflector lenses in order to meet 50 state safety inspection. Because of this, there is no need to actually paint or tint or mod these lights in anyway if you choose not to. They will fit like factory and in OEM form look completely stock during the day until you turn your lights on at which point you will gain the concept lighting look. No modification or wiring of any kind is needed for installation. 

   There are several options for purchase.

   If you choose OEM, they will be shipped without any paint or tint of any kind. You would still be able to add your own coating if desired once you receive them. 

  If you choose a "paint match" please choose the correct color of your car's paint from the list. We will have them painted to match your car as pictured leaving only a 1/8 inch "beam" of lens exposed for lighting, creating the perfect concept lighting.

*paint match option requires an additional $80 fee for paint

*paint match option requires a 1 week processing delay for the painting process before shipping

10-15 concept side markers

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