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*This is our V2 dash kit. It does not use light pipes to add lighting like the previous version. We do not have an installation video up just yet for this part so if you have any questions please contact us for help, slight modification to the back of both dash bezels is required. *

This kit is to ADD ambient lighting to any 10-15 camaro dash. Whether you have the black,silver, or even cloth dash bezel these parts will fit your car and add the light! This kit is for the dash portion ONLY. Lighting for the doors are sold separately.If you are purchasing this kit for your SS with factory silver doors and ice blue lighting we highly suggest you purchase the door kit as well. Our door lighting is a dramatic improvement over the factory lighting and compliments the dash lighting perfectly. SS door kit can be purchased HERE. * This kit comes with Ttaps for connection power and ground, as described in the instructional video.

10-15 Camaro dash lighting kit (Fits All Models)

SKU: 217537123517253
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