The concept afterburners are 4 complete replacement tail lamp housings. These are NOT led rings. These require NO wiring or modification to your vehicle. Simply remove your old housings and bolt these in their place for an amazing concept afterburner look without any of the burned out leds!

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  We now offer an Afterburner v2, when not in use there is no visual difference from the original version. However the v2 is internally modified to better support lighting from brighter LED replacement bulbs, so you get the best lighting possible day or night. The v2 also INCLUDES our new "hyper flash" sockets. In fact the primary reason for the price difference is the sockets themselves. While the sockets CAN be purchased separately they are included with every afterburner v2 purchase as a requirement to run LED bulbs in the housing.

  The v2 does not come with any bulbs pre installed, however we do offer a mid grade LED bulb as an add on option. If these bulbs are purchased they will be pre installed in your housings so that they are ready to bolt on once they arrive.

10-13 Camaro Concept Afterburners - Version2

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